Friday, January 4, 2013

Refurbishing my "new" old wheelbarrow

Now that I have a backyard, I can have a garden and a compost, which means... manure!!!! Which means I need a wheelbarrow. I really did not feel like spending $40 to $140 on a wheelbarrow, so I have been watching craigslist and after a couple misses of free ones, I saw one for $5!

This one is VERY rusted inside the tub (which these pictures do not show) but I wanted to refurbish it anyway. And this is part of my Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and keeping in the budget!

With help from Mario's power tools I completely took it apart. Not one bolt remained in place. One of the bolts was terrible stripped and Mario had to use his big strong muscle to get it out. I sanded down the tub inside and out. 

The wood is very dried out, I sanded it down and sanded it (received some nasty sprinters) and sanded it again. Then I applied a coat of Linseed Oil and another and another. and sanded again... When I received the splinters my daughter Elizabeth who is 3 1/2 and tells me "Mommy, you should of been more careful and wear gloves!"

I will be sanding down the tub and metal parts again when it is warm enough to go outside (its been the 30's). and painting it... more pictures to come when the weathers warms (it has to be in the 50's to paint).

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Pam said...


I am so glad to see that you have posted... Yay!!
I love this post, and your wheel barrow refurbishing, it is so inspiring. What fun to see it made over. I think there is something extra special about tools, or furniture or homes when you have put all the work and loving care into them. I will be looking forward to your updates. I am so happy for you guys having house and yard, I would love to see pictures of all.

Love you,