Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Mario made me the gift of "my garden" for Mother's Day. Among my treasured plants that he gave me, were my strawberries. I simply love them. My container of strawberries had many blossoms and a couple suckers! I knew I needed to transplant them right away for they were over crowded in their current pot, so I have been reading up on the best way to do so. I found out some hard news... I need to pinch off the blossoms :(    My breed of strawberries is Evergreen (deceiving name for they produce fruit twice annually) must be pinched off for the first transplant so they can focus on becoming firmly rooted and then I will receive beautiful delicious berries twice annually hence forth! My heart ached as I pinched off all seven blossoms.snuff, snuff.
I am now soaking the suckers in water before transplanting them. It is great joy to have my hands in all that wonderful soil and planting.

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Marie said...

Holly, this made me smile and then laugh and then smile again!! I love your endearing love for the buds and also the love of the garden. I remember you always had such a green thumb growing up, such a sweet post!!