Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake

I have always been afraid to attempt to make cheese cake. It always seemed like some unachievable thing that only chefs and perfect women could make, but low and behold… its not! I found a great receipt online for Chocolate chip and Hazelnut Cheese Cake. Now grant it, it took FOUR trips to different stores and two days to make but I did IT! And even if I say so myself (which one should not do) it tasted great! I do not have the correct type of pan so I used pie pans and it worked out wonderfully because since pie pans are much more shallow I made to cakes instead of one J

It took two attempts at different stores but I was able to find "fresh" hazelnuts. I cut them into fourths and them chopped away, toasted them in the oven under boil and them "chopped" them in the food blender.


Marie said...

Oh NO now you got me!!!!!!!
"Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake", are you kidding me???? That sounds and looks amazing Holly. I have a weakness for cheese cake and it is something that makes me hear harps in the back ground whenever I eat it.

Thanks so much for the inspiration. And what are you talking about? You are an amazing baker and chef and a perfect women in my eyes. Now is the part that you would quote the Importance of Being Earnest, do you know what part I am referring too? LOL!!

~ Marie

Pam said...

Ah ha ha Holly, you are so cute, I love the way you right. That Cheese cake looks wonderful. You are making me hungry. Good for you for making it. You going to post the recipe?
Much Love Pam

Pam said...

Well now, look at my spelling above. I meant to say "I love the way you "write"". But oh well, you are also all right! Ha ha.
Love ya,

Elizabeth said...

Where have I been? This looks DELICIOUS!!! Maybe the next time I am visiting you, you could make it for us? Yummy!! I am dreaming already! :P

Love you!