Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Joys

Today the weather with wind chill is 28 below and a light blowing snow.
My dear family is snuggled in their beds napping the afternoon away and I sit here drinking my cup of coffee. I feel like I should like tea more then coffee but alas, coffee wins. It is my comfort drink of choose, most of the time. I love this cup with yellow roses, it makes me happy.


Elizabeth said...

It is the loveliest thought to picture you snug and and warm in your sweet home with your family, enjoying a cup of coffee and taking the time to enjoy it.

I too enjoyed talking to you today. It did my soul well and I am so thankful that I have your friendship. I love you sweet Holly!

Marie said...

Oh my you sure make me want a cup of coffee right now Holly. Yes with that gorgeous cup also!!

LOVE hearing about your family snug and cozy in your cozy warm home while the wind is blowing. Missing you so much!
I am sorry, I have been meaning to call you for a nice cozy chat. Maybe over coffee some time this week!!!

LOVE YOU Dear Holly

Pam said...

It is such a sweet thought, thinking of you there having a peaceful moment. Love that cup too. It has been quite a bit of crazy weather we've had hasn't it? Thinking of you as Valentines approaches, and missing you and your Mom and sisters. Happy Valentines Day.
Much Love,

Holly Trujillo said...

I miss all of you so much, thank you for your sweet comments. I miss our Valentine's Day celebrations, may you have a very joyful Valentine's Day!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Valentine's Day Holly! Really missing you today! Such happy memories!