Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frozen cars and pipes

Yesterday we had frozen cars and water pipes. With wind chill it was 30 degrees BELOW freezing.
I keep the water pipes dripping at night time when it gets to cold but for some reason I never thought to leave them on in the daytime... opps.  It was the facet in the bath tub that froze, thankfully Mario was able to unfreeze the pipe before any damage was done.

And I know that when it gets too cold out (30 Below is too cold) that I should go out and start up my car to keep the cold from killing my car. Well, I thought about it a couple times but never actually went outside to do that and in the morning when I was going to go to the doctor for a annual check up... 
yeah you guest it, the car would not turn on. :( Once again Mario was able to fix it, but I felt so silly for not taking the precaution like I knew I should of.

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